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SEAS Excel T29AF001

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SEAS Excel T29AF001




Tweeter SEAS Excel T29AF001

Dôme aluminium/titane 26mm

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The T29AF001 is a High End, High Efficiency 29mm aluminium/magnesium alloy dome tweeter.

An optimally shaped dome and a wide SONOMEX surround, both manufactured by SEAS, ensure excellent performance and consistency.

A powerful magnet system based on an axially magnetized NdFeB ring magnet provides efficient ventilation and damping of the cavity behind the dome. Low viscosity magnetic fluid provides excellent cooling while maintaining a low resonance frequency.

A generously underhung voice coil with flexible lead-out wires ensures low distortion and allow this driver to be used with low crossover frequencies.

A 6mm precision machined aluminium front plate with moderate horn loading characteristic combines linear frequency response with high efficiency. The front plate is Nextel painted to obtain a durable and attractive finish.

A substantial injection moulded rear chamber made from zinc eliminates unwanted chamber wall resonances and conducts heat away from the magnet system.

Caractéristiques SEAS Excel T29AF001

Datasheet e0039 t29af001

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Impédance: 6 ohm
Type produit: tweeter à dôme
Documentation technique disponible sur le site du fabricant
Poids: 1.30 kg

Identifiant SIRET : 583 281 486 00018